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Our products and homecare

Our products used during treatments and those we recommend for homecare are thoroughly researched and sourced from the best suppliers around the world to ensure that treatments are performed using safe and effective ingredients.

Homecare is the most important part of ongoing skin health and for this reason, we source only the best!

Treatments Offered




Microneedling is performed by rolling, stamping or using an automated device to create micro penetrations into the skin surface. This allows greater penetration of carefully selected ingredients and triggers a biological wound healing process resulting in improved skin texture, tightening and strenghthening of the skin as new and improved collagen and elastin are formed.

Results are cumulative and when performed over a course of treatments, improvements to skin health and remodelling are impressive and long lasting.

Microneedling uses no heat or ablation to the skin tissue and therefore the strength of the epidermis is preserved making it safe for most skin types.

Microneedling shows improvements to a range of skin conditions including:

  • Skin ageing

  • Scar revision
  • Skin texture
  • Pigmentation

Microneedling can be combined with other treatment such as LED and enzyme treatments.




The numerous benefits of light therapy sound too good to be true but by relaxing under certain wavelengths of light and colours, your skin will absorb the light at different depths in the skin and convert the light into cellular energy to improve a range of skin conditions.

LED therapy has been shown over decades of research, to be highly beneficial to the skin including:

  • Improved circulation, nutrient delivery and oxygenation of the skin cells

  • Stimulation of fibroblast activity to boost production of collagen and elastin

  • Improve mild to moderate inflammatory acne

  • Wound healing



Enzyme Treatments

Enzymes offer a gentle way to exfoliate the skin and can usually be used by most skins, even the most sensitive. They are often used in combination with other treatments to elevate results.

Fruit enzymes, in papaya, pineapple and pumpkin, loosen skin cells that are ready to slough off from the epidermis. Skin is improved by clearing congestion, smoothing and brightening the skin.


Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

We only use superficial chemical peels and leave the deeper peels to medical professionals.

Superficial peels are fantastic when not overused, the skin needs to repair, be nourished and protected to get best results.

When appropriate we use a combination peel in a well formulated solution, containing different forms of Alpha Hydroxy Acids to get best results.


Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments

If you have been bouncing from one miracle product to the next, without much improvement to your acne, then book a consultation to get to the bottom of what could be triggering your breakouts.

Acne usually takes between 3 – 6 months to resolve when using the correct skincare and making the necessary diet and lifestyle improvements. When working and being supported by a skin specialist with the experience of treating many different types of acne prone skins, it is possible to get quicker results as individual triggers can be identified and resolved far quicker.


Skin Health Treatments

Skin Health

Increasing, we are seeing skin conditions, such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, pigmentation, glycation etc. In clinic. Whilst these conditions present on the skin and topical ingredients are able to help, often the problems are related to internal issues and we have seen great improvements when addressing both.



Useful for treating benign skin lesions by freezing the intercellular fluid to form ice crystals that rupture the cell membrane and destroy the cell.

Cryotherapy can successfully treat:

  • Skin Tags

  • Cherry Angiomas

  • Warts

  • Age spots

  • Moles

It is always necessary to get any skin lesion checked by a specialist medical professional before commencing treatment.

Experience you can trust

Dale is a Dermal Therapist trained through the Australian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science. Her experience in the industry spans over a decade.

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Experience you can trust

Dale is a Dermal Therapist trained through the Australian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science. Her experience in the industry spans over a decade.


Meet Dale

Dale is a Dermal Therapist trained through the Australian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science. Her experience in the industry spans over a decade.

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